Great Gift Ideas Under $25

On a budget and looking for some great tech gift ideas? Here’s our list of 10 uber awesome gifts under $25

Great Gift Ideas Under $25

Last week we covered Gift Ideas Under $100 and also posted cool items under $50. We now have another list for gift ideas of tech gadgets that are downright useful and even lighter on the pockets. Below we present some of our favorite gift ideas under $25. Do note that prices change every few hours.
MEElectronics M9P In-Ear Headphone –¬† $17
Want to gift a cheap yet enhanced piece of headphones that delivers deep rich sound? Get M9P because apart from having dynamic sound functionality they also have an inline microphone with remote and universal volume control that allows you a complete hands-free experience with any set of mobile phones, Read More: Grea… Read More Great Gift Ideas Under $25

10 Great Tech Gifts Under $50

Following up our gift ideas under $100, we’re helping you save even more with great tech gifts for under $50!

10 Great Tech Gifts Under $50

We had a very special post showcasing the best tech gifts for under $100 and we think there should be another one for goodies under $50! Hence, this list is dedicated for cool tech gadgets but with further savings. No sense in wasting time (and precious space), so let’s get started!
VuPoint Portable Scanner – $43
For workaholics on the go, set them up with the VuPoint Portable Scanner. This awesome little device will scan any document (checks, receipts, etc) and convert it into a PDF. It’s great for staying organised and keeping thorough records. For $48, the dedicated worker is sure to love this gift.
Dialspeed Electronic Padlock¬†– Read More: 10 Great Tech… Read More 10 Great Tech Gifts Under $50

TechVise BlackFriday & Cyber Monday Deals

The most awaited weekend for shopping is finally here. This year TechVise lists all the great deals we’ve managed to scavenge from our partner network.

TechVise BlackFriday & Cyber Monday Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are here and we’ve created this page to keep our readers updated of all the deals we get via our partners. This page will be regularly updated throughout the weekend.
Flywheel: 25% OFF Annual Plan 50% OFF All Plans

WP Engine: 30% OFF

A Small Orange: 75% OFF

MaxCDN: 50% OFF



CyberGhost VPN



Avast Business Security


Deals Machine


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Improve Your Home with Great Online Home Services

Finding contractors to help around the house can be difficult. We have come across a few home services that offer renovations and a number of other services to help you improve your humble dweling

Improve Your Home with Great Online Home Services

Do you still use a phone book to find home contractors? If so, I don’t really blame you. Home improvement services aren’t exactly the easiest thing to find, even in the age of the Internet, and when you do find a contractor you like online, you still have no idea how good, cost effective and reliable they are. To help you out, we checked out some well known services that help you with your home fix problem.

These services don’t help you find the right handyman but some also give you interior design tips, inspiration for bedroom design and do it yourself house fixes.
Amazon Home Services
Amazon recently ventured into Serv… Read More Improve Your Home with Great Online Home Services

The New Microsoft Devices – Will they Clobber the Competition?

Microsoft has announced quite a few new devices last week. Here is a synopsis of what to expect and our analysis on how they stack up to the current competition.

The New Microsoft Devices - Will they Clobber the Competition?

Last week, Microsoft announced a slew of new devices. In what can only be described as complete and total surprise, the presentation actually revealed some amazing devices. Here’s everything you need to know about all of them.
Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL
The Lumia 950 is something everyone expected from Microsoft at this event, and Microsoft impressed us for the most part. The phone comes in two variants, the 950 and 950 XL, and they rock a 5.2″ and 5.5″ display respectively. They both also come packed with Snapdragon 808 and Snapdragon 810 processors respectively, which puts it in competition with the likes of LG and even Samsung. The Read More:… Read More The New Microsoft Devices – Will they Clobber the Competition?

Microsoft Launches – Gives Online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free

Microsoft has finally seen the light and has realised that in order to compete with Google it needs to give a lot more than email and cloud storage. Its Office productivity applications are still very much ahead of the competition and Microsoft has gone ahead and sealed the fate of others by giving them away… Read More Microsoft Launches – Gives Online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint for free